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Note: The USPTO's public search room (in Alexandria, VA) is now closed due to
Covd-19 pandemic. This website is a free alternative for the public to use. Hope this helps.

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     This patent server can discover hidden data within the patents. It supports "freedom to operate". For instance it can quickly discover which patent(s) whose patent claim language mostly relevant to your idea. It also supports "invalidity analysis". It can quickly discover if a term used in a patent is indefinite. It can help user crafting the proper patent claim language. Indeed it can discover much more. Please see a User Guide after login.
     (This paragraph is replaced by the note above) You are welcome to use it free for first 3 months. Just create a user account with a valid e-mail address. After that the usage fee will be $100 per month or under a special agreement. Remote demonstration or onsite training can be arranged. For inquiries please contact Aplix Research, Inc.
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